Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mallorca on my mind

Even though I couldn't be happier to be in the comfort of my own home, I can't stop thinking about my view at the beach yesterday. It's pretty amazing, huh?

After a long day on a pebble covered beach, watching kids dive into deep blue water from big rocks and beach goers--young and old--enjoying a perfectly sunny Friday afternoon, we took a 45 min walk home that went around the entire perimeter of Deia. Just before sunset, we walked up hills, over old rivers filled with limestone in the place of water, through an olive grove, past the sheep herds, and into the tiny town, where our hotel was located...literally. I couldn't have scripted a more perfect ending to our great big trip...

I've now been awake for 21 hours. We only slept about 5 hours on Friday night before our very early wake up call (due to the fact that dinner starts around my normal bed time in Spain)...I am delirious from lack of sleep, a mind full of new memories and an overall happiness to be home. I only have enough energy left for a little margarita pizza from next door, good old fashion American TV and, most importantly, my very own bed!

It was the coolest trip of my life but I am so glad to be back!!



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  1. Play date! Play date! Is your Mom going somewhere fun and exotic?? PLEEEAAASSE call me 229 343 7401 and we will play with beads and baubles and eat and sparkle all day long!!! xxoxoxo