Tuesday, August 10, 2010

more beautiful girls!

I'm off to the airport very soon, but I just wanted to introduce you to a few more of the girls before I start my vaca...



She has a couple of beads from necklaces I bought at a second hand store this weekend while I was waiting for the lost film...the chunky rose quartz pieces and the mosaic ceramic beads are beautiful and in perfect condition. I guess everything happens for a reason, right?




She used to be a necklace that belongs to my mother but for some reason, it was never quite right. She sent it to me and I reworked it, incorporating a few things from my own supply of beads, et voila!

If you have old things that you would like to remake, send them to me! Jacquelyn is a product of the same idea...it contains a few of my own keepsake items that I incorporated into a bracelet. She was the very first bracelet actually! (which is why she's not for sale...sorry!)

and a little one for me...

she's cute and fun for site-seeing...and how cool are those gold beads??? hahahaha

(I also made the printed one...she's wrapped in fabric and then shellacked. It took almost as long to make as all of the sparkly ones...)

Even if no one else likes my sparkle beads, I heart them!

It took three days to de-sparkle myself. I felt like Tinkerbell all weekend, leaving a trail of fairy dust wherever I went! It was a worthy cause, however, because now they are perfect and the metallic dust doesn't rub off.

Don't forget to leave a comment! I love hearing from everyone...it's so inspiring!

I'll check in as soon as I can with a pic or two...

hasta luego!



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  1. My dearest, You must take lots of pictures and let me know how it is in Spain. I am going over there in April and need a heads up since it will be my first visit. Have loads of fun and drink some sangria for me. Aunt A