Thursday, September 30, 2010

aaaahhhhhhhh! (and a thank you note!)

Two really wonderful and special people have emailed me this week.

And I have tried REPEATEDLY to email them back.

If you are sensing a little hostility, you are right.  Not to worry: it is in no way directed at anyone, especially not the two friends in question.  It is, however, aimed specifically and only at my stupid a**, spawn of Satan, s#*% computer, which may possibly find itself sailing through my seventh floor window and onto Hudson St very soon.  (Sorry, Mom, but sometimes you have to call a spade 'a spade'.)

To both of you: I cannot thank you enough for your kind and thoughtful is strange and wonderful how the universe knows when you need a little pick me up.  The very day you both emailed me, I was having a day so bad, so blue, that it I had become completely paralyzed by the little benign details of a day that I will probably not even remember a year from now.  
But after I read your notes I felt my little perma-frown curling up on the ends and I was on my way back to silly lil' me.  A simple little attitude was all I needed and you helped me find it.

a little thanks...

So Thank you; Thank you; THANK YOU for writing!  I will email you both as soon as my freakin' email decides to stop crashing and wiping out EVERYTHING I type EVERYDAY SINGLE DAY.
(deep breath...)

Clearly not all of the issues from the week have been worked out, but I'm trying...

lots of love


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