Sunday, September 19, 2010

 Friday afternoon I tagged along with Miss B to her friends' co-birthday party, where she and her girlfriends cut loose, cooled off, and enjoyed a very warm September evening. (so warm, in fact, that all of the grown ups regretted not bringing their suits!)

Happy birthday to the very adorable hostesses, Carson and Abbie...Enjoy seven! May all of your birthday wishes come true!

miss abbie
miss carson

A great time all around.  Full of giggling...

and, of course, cake!
But as Miss B reminded us: Safety first!

Fun later!!!

There is no fun like seven year old fun!

go abbie go!

On the drive home a soggy, towel wrapped Miss B sat shot-gun, grinning and admiring her new daisy covered flip flops (As we walked to the car, I pleaded with her to walk faster and she simply replied, "Ki, sometimes you can't walk fast when you have on the most beautiful flip-flops in the world.")

"That was the best party ever. "
She stretched and took a big lazy yawn, "What a great day..."

She was asleep in less than an hour.

I was too.


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