Friday, October 8, 2010

bright Lights, fun city...

Last night, BFF and I had the rare opportunity to go out and have a little fun, sans boys.  It was just like the good ol' days...
(Except that we go to parties that start before midnight now.  We didn't even start putting our make-up on until ten o'clock back in the 'olden days'  (that's how Miss B refers to my past...she thinks I'm as old as Grandma Moses.)  This morning I felt as though I stayed out so late, and I was still in the bed before twelve...boy, have things changed.)

First on the agenda was a stop by the Empire Lounge in the Empire State Building for the premier of "The Lights, " a new reality show documenting four young female entrepreneurs in New York City and their quest for success.
And as if the Empire State building wasn't fantastic enough on its own (as we were walking in, BFF said, "I'm totally having a Sleepless in Seattle moment right now!" Some things just never lose their charm...the Empire State Building is one of them.) there was a special performance by singer Sara Haze and the a fashion presentation of Emily Brickel's new clothing line, Rock Hard, which is featured on the show.  Here are a few shots from her presentation....

Pretty fab...

But the best part was BFF's cameo in the premiere episode! Yay BFF!

Congratulations to everyone involved and best of luck making your dreams come true!

Next we headed downtown to the Creative, Inc booking signing party.

The party was held at Michele Varian, one of my most favorite shops in all of New was the perfect backdrop for the very creative crowd in attendance.

 The tiny little shop was over-flowing with all sorts of artists and designers, but somehow we managed to run into a couple of friends of the southern child variety! (we're taking over up here...)
We chatted with our friends and nibbled on fantastic little goodies by Mari's like sea salt carmel corn and chocolate covered rice krispy treats.

We waited and waited but finally had to leave, books unsigned.  The line was just too long and we were starving...popcorn and wine, a meal does not make...

So we headed around the corner to Balthazaar for lobster risotto and fries at the bar, where we made lots of new was actually an Alabama grad from Atlanta (seriously, we're taking over!)
Moments later, exhausted and full, we decided it was time to call it a night.  We hugged goodbye and headed for to tribeca, she to the upper east.

A perfect time from beginning to end.

Thanks for being my date last night, BFF!


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