Thursday, October 28, 2010

it's "just a party" party?

Last night D and I were invited to a cocktail party at kiki de montparnasse in Soho.  We rarely go out during the week unless it is work related, so we jumped at the chance to throw on our party clothes and change up our usual weeknight routine.  
I realized on the way to the party that neither of us knew what the party was for...I guess I assumed it was for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (I heard that a few of the other lingerie shops had thrown little functions) or maybe to show a new collection.  It didn't really matter.  We were just happy to be out and about.
Inside the exotic little shop, literally every single person was wearing black except for me.  I was in red, which when everyone else has on black feels like the exact opposite of black.  I obviously did not get the "black only" memo (cue: lots of staring).  
They were serving very fancy cocktails...mine was infused with the "essence of rose" for 100 days, whatever that means, and D's had cucumbers in it and was rimmed in absinthe or something to that effect.  I seemed to be the only person there that thought the drinks were a little ridiculous, but anyways...

It was lots of fun.  Everyone was really friendly (I was even complimented for not wearing black a time or two), but I still wasn't sure why they were having this party. (Maybe I didn't get that memo either.)  It definitely wasn't for Breast Cancer Awareness...there were no pink ribbons anywhere (unless they were on a bra or a pair of pasties, which by the way, I openly laughed at, horrifying D.)  It wasn't a presentation of new merchandise, and it wasn't a Halloween themed party either.  Well, there was a girl dressed as a French maid, but I think that's normal for this store...  
I finally asked a salesperson what the party was for, and she stared at me blankly like I was an idiot.  Fortunately, after being on the receiving end of these stares for eight years, I wasn't phased...  
"Is it for anything in particular...You know, like Halloween or Breast Cancer research???  It's October, so I just thought it might be for something..."
"No.  It's not for anything."
"Oh.  Ok.'s just a party?"
Blank stare. "Yes."
"Alrighty.  Um, thanks.  Well it's a great...I mean, really nice party.  Lovely..."  
(Gah...stop talking, retard.)
Well, now that was awkward, wasn't it?  

Maybe D is right...maybe I do ask too many questions....


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