Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I've never been happier!

How did I not know that there is Pickle Day?  
And, this is the Tenth Annual Pickle Day, which means there has been a pickle celebration every year since BFF and I moved to New York...We love pickles! (when we first moved to NY it was the only grocery we could afford.)
I'm always the last one to know about everything...

Actually...if lil' Miss B was here to join me at the pickle tastings, it would be even better. 
That kid, like her oldest sister, loves a good pickle (maybe even more...she can polish off a jar in an afternoon if you aren't watching her).  She actually yelled from the bathtub one night when I was staying with her, "I want a pickle when I get out of the bath!  Go get my pickle ready!!!" 
Such a delicate flower...


(back to the present...)

D is heading South for more football this weekend and I have been mulling over entertainment options for Saturday and Sunday.

Well, that's taken care of now.

click here for International Pickle Day information 


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  1. WHAT!?!?! I'm going to miss Pickle Day! And International Pickle Day at that... You MUST save some for me!