Friday, November 26, 2010

stars are boring...

My mother recently bought this charming little book, below, for Miss B.  She thought it might serve as a source of rainy day inspiration for the tireless little artist...
I promised Miss B that sometime during her Thanksgiving break we would make the cute little felt ornaments on the cover.  They looked simple enough, and she could use them on her little Christmas tree later...

Let's just say things didn't go as planned.

Or as I planned, anyway.  

She was thrilled.

First, I didn't have any stuffing for the little ornaments, but B was happy about this and said she would rather make them flat.  Oh, and she didn't want to make them into ornaments...


So I set her up to cut out the shapes in felt, and I would stitch them for her later...

I walked back a second later.  Shocked to not be looking at red and green stars, I said, "B! Where are the stars?  What about hearts, like we talked about?"

She had drawn and cut out a chameleon.

A chameleon!      

Completely unfazed (and a little annoyed) by my confusion,"Stars are boring...a chameleon is more interesting.  Be sure to stitch its fin and give him eyes on both sides made from buttons.  And don't use glue!  Thread is better."

Alrighty then, boss...

She is so proud of her finished chameleon that she now wants to start a company called the "Flat Toy Collection," which she is convinced every child in the world will want to buy, thus making her millions before the age of ten.  

That's my B...marching to her own beat and dreaming big!
(And that is why she's my role model.)



  1. Tell miss B that Aunt Alice thinks her idea is brilliant and she would love to place an order!

  2. haha! she wants your shipping address! since this post we have made a fish, a puppy, a butterfly...and i finally forced a star and a heart (but wasn't allowed to stuff them or make them into ornaments)
    if only we all believed in our ideas and inventions like miss B!!!