Sunday, September 25, 2011

the waiting game...

We are still waiting for our newest family member to make his debut to the world.  It is crazy to think that our nine months are up and someday soon (hopefully, very today, maybe) he will be here.  I would be lying if I said we were waiting patiently at this point.  Little P is quite past his due date and there are some anxious grandparents, aunts and uncles that are ready to get their hands on this little guy...not to mention his mommy and daddy.
I've decided that today is my last time writing as the southern child.  The next time you hear from me, I will officially be a southern mom in the city.  Who knew last July when I blogged for the first time ever that in a little more than a year I would be living this life...the single, southern, world traveling child in the city would be married and a mom to be?  I guess that is what makes life so just never know where it is going to take you.
I'll be taking a break for a tiny bit, just until I get this mommy thing under control.  Be sure to check back soon and drop me a little note.  I love hearing from you and especially love hearing what you are up to.
In the meantime, enjoy a little blast from the past...It's my waiting game song these days.

Talk to ya' soon!

ki (and P)

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  1. Sweet strawberry and little peanut, I think of you every day and just wait for the news! I am glad that you have your Mom with you. Love, love, love all of you and you are gonna be the best Mom ever! xoxo Aunt ALice