Saturday, August 25, 2012

back to the city...and back to work...

Peanut and I are finally home...
An exhausting week it has been for the gypsy mom and her little sidekick.  I'm not sure which one of us is more tired...but we are back and happy to be home.  I'm not sure I even managed to breath before I hit the ground running...between jewelry, styling, fittings and sketches, it is officially wedding season in Chez Pea.  I have not frequented the garment district so many times in one week since before the Pea was born.  I laughed at my desk (aka the kitchen table) as I passed it on the way to bed last couldn't be a bigger collage of projects.  Where has the kitchen table gone?
I couldn't leave it without snapping a quick shot first...this was all I could fit in the frame but I think you get the point.

1. notes to be turned into sketches and silk color cards for swatching.  do you have a favorite shade?
(I still use good ol' fashion notebook paper for note taking and pre-sketching...I'm a school supply-aholic)

2. partially sewn jewelry pouches in flax colored linen to be completed with an ivory satin favorite combo at the moment.
(Gingher dressmaker's shears and Gutermann thread are my sewing luxuries...)

I never do anything without my tape measure has been with me since I moved to New York. (and it looks like it too)

3. a pretty navy envelope for color inspiration and a few swatches from Mood that hopefully match

drafting tools are always within reach...a C-Thru ruler for precise pattern making and layouts, the finest point pencil I could find, and a Sharpie fine tip pen, my favorite for the moment

4. my handy green notebook overflowing with notes for my next beading's going to be a doozy
(and super fine tweezers for placing the tiny little beads for said project--about .8mm wide--onto the layout)

beads!!!  organized by color family in prep cups from the kitchen...they are taking over our home at the moment.  before you know it, they'll be in the dishes, too.

5. floor plans to review (nothing on the apartment front yet...) and a party to be planned asap...

(and my drafting board in the keeps the table safe while I'm working away)

So tell me: what does your desk look like?  Is it neat as a pin?  Fancy and just for decoration?  Do you work in the kitchen like me? Or maybe it's your dumping ground?  Whatever it is, I'd love to know!


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