Saturday, August 18, 2012

photo album: anguilla

I'm back in Georgia with Monsieur l'Pea and we have finally finished making up for all of the hugs, cuddles and playtime I missed last weekend. (hence the absence from the blog...a certain chunky monkey has been keeping me quite busy.)

I already miss Anguilla.  I keep looking at the pictures over and over, and I have been dying to share.  I won't bore you with every single detail but here is my little trip in a nutshell...

The Digs
The Viceroy, Anguilla
Ridiculous is the only word to describe this place.  D went all out and rented a residence on the property.  The two bedroom/2.5 bath condo was roughly twice the size of our Manhattan apartment.  We even had a patio and backyard, complete with our very own private plunge pool.  Very fancy pants.  
I want to live there.  

our living room

Meads Bay

the view from our little pool...

Off the reservation...
Little Bay...{and a little story}
I'm a terribly lazy traveler.  Give me a book and a view and I'll catch you later.  D, on the other hand, is the opposite.  Before we are even to our destination, he is booking a boat, signing up for lessons of some sort and generally stressing me out with reservations, options and too many decisions.  That's why we are good travel partners: we balance each other.  He makes me get up and move a bit and I force him to chill out a little.    
For the movement portion of our trip, D decided we were going snorkeling. (This is where the story begins.)  He called the concierge for help planning the excursion and this is roughly how his conversation went:
D: Hi.  My wife and I were hoping to go snorkeling today at Little Bay.  How would you suggest we get there?
Concierge: Ok.  Excellent.  Well Little Bay is quite secluded, but there are two popular options for getting there: First, you can hike, but there isn't a foot path all the way down to the water.  Don't worry, there is a rope along the side of the cliff to help you the rest of the way down.  
D: Um...ok?  (clears his throat and eyes me nervously)
C: Or you can take a cab to Crocus Bay.  Once you get there Calvin will be sitting under a tamarind tree and he can take you in his boat for a small fee.  No problem...
To recap:  I can climb down a cliff with the assistance of an old ragged rope or a strange man under a tree can take me in his boat.  
You can imagine how our conversation went when D got off the phone...
Well, the rope was NOT happening and apparently snorkeling WAS happening one way or another, so we went with option number two.  Obviously.   

option 1

option 2

It turns out there is, in fact, a man named Calvin sitting under a tamarind tree, and he was more than happy to take us right over to Little Bay.  As they said on the phone, no problem...  
And, boy, was it worth the ride.  A perfect little beach--clear water, pretty fish and amazing views--and we even had the whole cove to ourselves for a bit. 

Calvin on his boat

In conclusion...
It was amazing.  From beginning to end and top to bottom, we had the best time.  The perfect balance of rest, fun, local flavor and beauty...

ok...just a couple more and then I'll quit. 

toy boats in Crocus Bay
workers taking a leisurely lunch at Little Bay

straw hat chandeliers at Straw Hat Restaurant 
Meads Bay and the Viceroy in the far distance


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