Sunday, January 13, 2013

now you see you don't...

Happy New Year!  Happy happy happy happy New Year!!  

Boy oh boy...I don't know about you but 2012 went out with a BANG in Chez Pea!  I mean, BANG BANG BANG all over the place!  And even though it was all or mostly good, I have to admit it was a little overwhelming at times.  But that is life, no?  My grandmother has always said that when it rains it pours, and lately she has been right on the money.  We were so busy in Chez Pea that I had to do my disappearing act for a bit, but I am back once again and ever so happy to be here with you!  Where oh where to start???

Well, here's the short list...
I had an amazing trunk show...I was even on the local news.  (No, you cannot see the clip.  I am a spaz on TV.)

Pea rocked cowboy chic for Halloween.  He is such a trendsetter...

Hurricane Sandy knocked out our power for over a week, and flooded our neighbors.  A total mess!

Pea finally had his first birthday blowout.  It was the party of the year...even if it was a month late.

We moved! Hooray!  Finally! (but not without some serious drama)

Christmas in the South. Two plane tickets, both families, a rental car and a sick baby...need I say more???

As mentioned above, Pea had his first real cold, complete with a very stuffy nose, sore throat and fever.  Not fun...not fun at all.

I flew on New Year's Day with a one year old with a mild ear infection and a fever...even less fun! (He was crying on the outside; I was crying on the inside.)

The new Chez Pea finally celebrated its very own teeny weeny family January, of course. 

And then, of course, there was work... 

I need to lie down just thinking about it...

So over the next few weeks I'll be sharing a little more from the end of the year here and there.  I have lots and lots pictures and there is even more news a-comin'...but that will all have to wait for now.  Today I just wanted to say a very Happy New Year to you! May 2013 bring you all of the wishes, magic and cupcakes your heart can hope for!  


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