Friday, August 6, 2010

L is for...part ll

I wanted to give a bead making update but it has turned more into "Loser: the mini series", than look at how talented I am...

I feel like I should back up and give you a little of the back story behind said beads. I look high and low for unique beads. I don't care if they are attached to something, at a flea market in Brooklyn or at a bead store in the garment district (which is way further out of my way than the previous locations). If they are special, I want them, and usually, if they are special enough, there will only be a few. I like it that way...I don't make repeats, so I only need a few or even just one. (obviously I have to fill in with some staples like jet and different types of pearls, etc, but the big ones are usually only one of a few.)

So the other night when I was not sleeping (which is most of the time...I'm a notorious insomniac) I decided that I would try making some beads myself...there are certain sizes, shapes and colors that I prefer to work with and this way I could customize my beads. How hard could it be? I can pretty much make anything...

flash forward 24 hours later....

The first batch of FIVE is nearly finished. Here they are on toothpicks on their stand drying...

And even worse, this picture makes them look like a blinged out version of a solar system for mice, but I had to show someone...

I have about a dozen more in various sizes and shades of bronze and copper in different stages of completion.

OH..AND...I look like a Golden Globe. Metallic dust head to toe.

And D is on his way home.

How am I going to explain this...probably about as well as I did when I put a hole in his floor. (building canvases should be done in a studio with nothing expensive around, fyi)

Actually, scratch that...he just walked in.

Gotta go...bye!


  1. My sweet Kiley! HOW did I NOT know of this blog!!! This has made my day happier than you could possibly imagine. I guess I should dig out of my cave(you should come back by because I have done lots more improvements slowly but surely!) more often. Getting those old buildings to the point that I would like them to be may be the death of me. Anyway, I have boxes and boxes of vintage beads and baubles. We could have a party. My place or yours?? YAY!!! I am so excited that you are here! I'll be checking in every day. I love you immensely and still think that YOU are the cat's meow! Your dearest Aunt Alice :)

  2. Jewelry party in GA!!! I can't wait! I can't wait to see all of your fun things...and maybe I can tag along to an estate sale too!
    I love you!!!

    p.s...i made a bracelet named Alice and i sold it right away! she lives in bama now...