Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend recap..aka: I'm sleepy

Exhausted and just back from sushi in the E. Village, I'm ready to sleep off what was supposed to be a boring summer weekend. In typical NYC fashion a recent kitchen fire shut down our first choice for sushi, so we ate at the sister restaurant around the corner, where--due to our combined exhaustion--we ordered way too much food; couldn't eat it all and accidentally offended the staff, forcing us to leave embarrassed (and yawning)...

Where did the weekend go...

After watching the sun set on our roof and dinner next door on Friday night, I got up early Saturday, feeling refreshed, and went right to work on a few bracelet orders that I want to finish before we leave. I also wanted to finish the 'loser' beads (which, by the way, are FABULOUS now. From now on, they are the 'brilliant' beads...a story, however, I will finish later). Afterwards, D and I headed out to lunch on Houston St and made a quick visit to a couple of galleries in Soho to check out the current exhibitions.

A little side bar: support your local galleries...they are dropping like flies!

After we left the galleries, I wanted to test out my new twin lens reflex (TLR) camera that I bought for our trip. I haven't used a manual camera in eons, so I needed a little practice before the next two weeks of serious picture taking abroad. Here are a few taken in the neighborhood...

After waiting for the film to be developed only to find out that it had been lost, I barely made it home in time to make a quick change and head out for the night, TLR in hand. (I've named her lady bug because she's red and black)
I tested another round of film on the famous Conner at J and C's amazing loft in NoLita that night while the couple prepared a delicious feast of swordfish with orzo for the four of plenty of wine and mango sorbet for dessert. Yummers! And so much fun...another thanks to the gracious hosts!

Connor W
Isn't he a handsome pup?

And as if I haven't eaten enough this weekend, I was up bright and early again today for brunch with my friend Steph in the W Village. After some much needed catching up and giggling (of course) with one of my fellow southern chicks, we wandered around the beautiful village enjoying a nearly perfect day. Steph is one of my oldest NYC friends and it always makes me happy to spend some time with her. After brunch, we decided we're taking a pottery class together in the fun will that be?! (I have a feeling that I'll have a good story to tell...stay tuned...)

The moment I returned from brunch, I was off again. This time to rearrange my storage unit with the help of D...sounds like fun, huh? It's like trying to play the world's largest version of Jenga, except if this puzzle falls, you're squashed! Fortunately no one was squashed and I was reunited with my clothes and shoes for the first time in a year...It was like Christmas but better!

It was practically time for dinner by the time we were finished.

And now it's already time for bed...

Where did the weekend go? I need a post-weekend weekend!

Hope you had some quality time with the ones who matter to you this weekend...and maybe a little fun, too.

Talk to you tomorrow.
(big yawn)


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