Wednesday, August 25, 2010

L is for...the end

So when I got home yesterday, something about my sparkly bead experiment came up and my mom told me that the sparkle beads looked awful in the earlier pictures, and that she had really started to doubt my taste level after seeing the pictures.  (What she actually said was "After reading that post I thought you had lost your ever loving mind."  sweet, huh?)  I showed her the final beads and she was shocked to find out that they are actually very nice metallic beads, and pointed out that it probably wasn't a good idea to show the bad pictures.
I know what the pictures looked like--I'm not a dummy--but the teeny-weeny solar system picture was too funny not share.
 I never got to follow through and show off the final pictures because I had some real work to finish before we left for vaca.  Last night I started thinking, "I bet everyone thinks that they looked awful and that I have mental issues for posting those terrible pictures.  Arg...why is she always right?"
This morning, in an effort to redeem myself, I took them outside (in a bowl, of course.) and took a shot of the final product.

They are shiny and smooth and each one is a slightly different color, ranging from gold to bronze to dark copper.

A fun way to add texture and shine to future pieces...


And, most importantly, finished.

THE END (I promise to never write about this ever again)


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