Monday, August 23, 2010

next stop: Marrakech

If Barcelona's charm was in the beautiful city views and architecture and romantic, laid back attitude, then the charm of Marrakech lies in it's endless energy and raw desert landscape. Exotic and, at times, intimidating...the combination of exquisite detail around every turn, crowded markets and third-world poverty (something neither of us was prepared to see) made these three days something that I will never forget...

The Koutoubia Mosque (featured in the second picture) is one of the most famous mosques in North Africa and is located next door to La Mammounia. More than 5000 people pray here each week. During Ramadan, which started 2 days before we arrived, the first prayer of the day starts at do I know? D and I could hear it from our hotel room every night. (or morning...whatever you want to call it. I call it sleeping time.)
More pictures (and stories) coming up!

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