Monday, August 23, 2010

last but not least...

I have to say, we definitely saved the best for last.
Being in Mallorca felt like living in a painting. Home to many artists (Miro), musicians (Chopin) and writers (Robert Graves), it proves itself to be full of inspiration in every form.

See what I mean? They even had sheep and donkeys that grazed the orchards on our hotel property. Simply put, it was as close to perfect as I could imagine on earth. Just amazing...



  1. hi,ki.its aunt c.never done this before.already took five type.spellin bad.scared/eeeek.cant do caps./punku.bad, blog,pics,all of it.glad your back home.cant wait for more blog stories / type this.luv ya ......crap cant send until abbs gets home to show me how.craaaaapy crapppp.

    Abby comments; ... Kay then. Hi ki.

  2. Yay!!! Thanks auntie!!! your post is my most favorite post EVER! Abbs: teach ur mom to type!

  3. Abby comments; Mom and I agree, there's no hope for her. She was bad and got on while I was at school.
    Rule number one for mom; Never get on and try to comment on your niece's blog when your daughter/tech geek is at school.
    She broke the rule, as you can see...