Monday, August 16, 2010

still raining!

This is probably the most rain they have had all year...I took a picture with the laptop camera (because my camera is still dead) of the view from our balcony. It's still pretty amazing, even in the rain.

This is the garden on the Mammounia grounds. Some of the trees are more than 400 years old!

We made a friend who has been showing us around Marrakech and helping us find our way through the market. It is so overwhelming (and dirty and crowded and chaotic...)! He is taking us out again today when the rain clears...there is no way we would know where to go without him!

Tonight is our last night at the palatial Mammounia...tomorrow we are off to Mallorca and the Spanish Balearic Islands for some R&R after our North African adventure.

More soon!

Lots of love to my family...miss you guys tons!


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  1. You seem to have the same fortune as I do while traveling! Our last trip was the first one that I have ever taken that a natural disaster didn't occur. I know that you are having a ball! Have you eaten any wonderful exotic dinners??? :) I think about you all during the day and just imagine the magic carpet rides that you are having. Ride one for me and keep sharing your adventure. I love it (and you!)