Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i heart fashion week

One of hardest things about being out of the city at the moment is missing Fashion Week. Twice a year, lovers of all things new and forward come together to celebrate the art of fashion and, for most of us, the very reason we left our tiny little hometowns and moved to New York in the first place. (Most people are shocked to find out how rarely I work with someone originally from NYC. The meanest, toughest and most competitive of all the fashion girls-and boys-I've ever met have always been from somewhere smaller and less known than my hometown.  Future fashionistas out there always remember: the meaner the girl, the smaller the hick's like what they say about men with big trucks...someone's compensating for something...)
For anyone actually working in the fashion industry at this time of year, it is the most infuriating, stressful, insane, challenging, exhilarating and exciting time of the entire year.  While my former label did not produce a show, we did show our new collection during Fashion Week in our showroom.  It is hard to explain the amount of work that goes into every little detail and how much time is spent in the studio leading up to that moment, but there is nothing greater than seeing it all come together.
I would get to work extra early each morning (usually after a night out supporting a friend at his or her show...I ran on about two hours of sleep per night and multiple Venti Starbucks per day during Fashion Week. I yawn just thinking about it...) to comb through the reviews in WWD and before the day started...and even though I have left that crazy world, I can't help but do the same thing and pour over each collection and examine every single detail. 
Sadly, I have fallen behind this time due to my crazy gypsy-like schedule over the past week, but I am on a mission to make up for lost time.  I made it through a few collections last night and I pulled one look from each collection to share.  I love the fun and sophisticated silhouettes--part minimal, part retro--and the mix of year round neutrals with pops of wearable color.  Especially loving the reds and oranges...and the prints from Vera and Derek...and the it all actually.  Love it!

carolina herrera


marc jacobs

monique lhuillier


vera wang

barbara tfank

peter som

donna karan

derek lam

lela rose
If you are inspired to see a little more fashion, please check out the full list of shows at or you can follow along each day with the runway feed I have added at the left.  

yay for fashion!


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