Saturday, September 25, 2010

date night rewind...who are these people?

We had a great (unusual....a little strange) date night dinner at Mr Chow last night.

The "fun" started the moment we arrived when this tiny little old guy with weird hair and a bunch of young women in sexy dresses gave me the most perverted look I have ever received from a man who barely comes up to my shoulders.  I thought to myself as I walked through the door, "Take it easy little guy...I could squash you like a bug in these shoes.  ick."

When we got inside D leaned over and said, "You know who that is, right?"
"Who?  Teeny Weeny?  No.  Who is he?"
"Ron Wood"
Blank Stare....
"You don't know who that is?"
"D...we were born in different decades.  Break it down for me."
"Guitarist, bassist for the Rolling Stones.  Hellooo?!"
"Ah.  Explains the hair...."
"Ron Wood just mentally undressed my girlfriend right in front of cool is that?"

I seriously doubt that I was getting any special treatment...I think that might just be his normal gaze after all these years...
I looked him up this morning and it turns out that he is an artist too...quite talented actually.  I feel a little less violated now...sort of.

Anywho, we had the most delicious dinner...Mr Chow has the best scallion pancakes I've ever eaten...I get them every time.  And the black cod and green prawns (named after a portrait Keith Haring did of Mr. Chow) are must haves.  Most of all, it was great to just sit and eat and talk with my D...I have missed him so much.  

Meanwhile, there was a huge round table with about 12 people sitting directly behind us.  They, like everyone else, seemed to be having a great time.  Lots of laughter, wine, etc etc...I really didn't pay attention to them.
 (Actually, I was more stunned that the people on either side of us were paying with Amex black cards.  I am not, repeat notthe kind of girl that normally notices junk like that--I really don't care--but come on! Where on earth were we last night?  Ron Woods, black cards...Who are these people?  If I had known that we were going to be rubbing elbows with the rich and fabulous, I would have blown out my hair or something...)
We walked by the aforementioned round table on the way out, where the Housewife, formally known as the Countess, was apparently holding court with her friends.  According to D she did not like my outfit (body-con mini dress, long blazer, booties and tons of jewelry, naturally) and made it known with a face that said "tramp."

Bless her must be tough for the poor thing without her title...

We laughed the whole walk home...So strange.  So fun.

Just your average date night in the city...  


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