Sunday, September 26, 2010

sweet bunny sunday

So like a good southern child I spent all day Saturday with my fellow southern children's the only appropriate way to spend a Saturday afternoon in the fall.  We may live in the City but our weekends are still dedicated to SEC game days, rivalries and in the words of my ever so slightly over-served friend, "vourbon." (as in 'vourbon and coke'...) 


(at this point the story kind of veers from football and on to something far less interesting.  Shocking.  I know) 

While watching the game with my girl friends, a commercial full of bunnies came on and it made us squeal like elementary school girls.  We have a tendency to do that when we are all together... 
(Cue: D rolling his eyes with excessive gusto.  I swear they are going to get stuck one day...)

One of my fellow southern girls in the city actually has a pet bunny, so I found the bunny commercial as a special salute to Snowball, aka: Snowbizzle, The Biz...and his adorable mommy!

So cute! I watched it twice before I realized it was for the lottery.


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