Monday, October 18, 2010

I love...

to give handmade cards.

It couldn't be easier to do...
Make a simple card out of card stock and cut away a window with an exacto knife.  
Add either a photograph or a drawing (I made a little watercolor for this card)...

Make sure that the window and the picture line up!

And add a little note...
(I like to write my notes on a separate note card)

That's it! 

Now go send someone a little note and brighten their day!



  1. This is such a good idea...(So Cute) i love all the little things you come up with Ki your so awesome at what you do. You really inspire me to be more creative!! I hope all is well in NY, i want to go there so bad someday, i think i would fall in love!
    Love You, La!

  2. Thanks La La! You are too sweet.
    Oh! You should most definitely come to NYC! We would have so much fun together!
    I heard you were making some jewelry...please send me pictures!