Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the witch is in...

Halloween is quickly approaching, and I cannot figure out what to be this year...
I generally hate dressing up (I have nothing against anyone who likes dressing up...I really wish I did.  I just haven't gotten into Halloween since the early 80's), but this year I have decided to give it a go.
ki before her a.m. java...

Every year I go as a glamorous witch of sorts...basically I go as myself. (Ha!)  One year I made a fabulous witch's hat with feathers and stones and looked like it was defying gravity.  I really want to wear it again.  (I kinda want to wear it everyday...)

I know that Mr D is not going to go for the glamorous witch thing again, but I cannot seem to think of anything fun...
I would love to surprise him with a fabulous costume this year...we met on Halloween six years ago (I was the only the person in the room not in costume), and wouldn't it be fun to celebrate our anniversary in style this year?
(By the way...if anyone who knows D would like to remind him of said anniversary, it would be appreciated...please don't tell him I told you.  He hates it when I talk about him.)

So now I need lots of help!  I am coming to you, open to suggestions.  What should I be for Halloween?

I don't do sexy or skanky.  NO! NO! NO!  I'm not that kind of girl... (and, frankly, you shouldn't be either.)

Fun, cute, clever is more my speed.

Anxiously awaiting your ideas.....


For those of you also looking for ideas, here are a couple of links with many ideas of the Halloween variety.  (how much do I love those spider glasses?!)  xoxo

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