Sunday, December 5, 2010

gifts and wishes: extending an olive branch...

missed another day of gifting...
It must officially be the holiday season because all of a sudden there is way too much to do...
This weekend has been beyond a blur...I can't believe it is already Sunday.


After traveling around the Mediterranean together for the past couple of years, D and I have become lovers all things olive--oil, trees, the fruit--love it all.  We actually stayed in the middle of an olive grove in was amazing (trust me).

So you can imagine that we were both hooked when D ran across Nudo the other night.
Nudo is an olive grove in Italy where you can adopt your own olive tree.  Upon adoption you'll receive a certificate of adoption, an informational book about your tree and two shipments a year of produce.  Not only is it an extra-super-special gift for all of the foodies out there (how cool would it be to serve your own olive oil at a dinner party?) it is also a great way to contribute to small farming operations.
Yummy olive oil and a contribution to small farms and the environment...everybody wins!

Nudo also has a great store for those of you not ready to buy the whole tree, plus a great recipes section and blog.




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