Tuesday, December 21, 2010

gifts and wishes: give a little bit...

Today as I was wandering around Soho with my girlfriend, I was watching all of the people around us.  We were standing in a line with about twenty other crazies, waiting to order a batch of Baked by Melissa cupcakes (heaven on earth, by the way, but not the point) and I was looking at all of the monster sized shopping bags, bursting at the seams with gifts and goodies and treats for friends, family and maybe even the owner of said shopping bags.  
We are so lucky to be so privileged and to have so much.  I started thinking about all of the wee ones who won't have a Christmas filled with everything they've ever wanted...or even one tiny little thing to hold in their hands on Christmas Day.  Those who may not even have something warm to eat or those who are too sick or too far away to be home and celebrate with their families.  It's just not fair.  
So I decided today to dedicate my wish list to all of the sweet children, families, men and women who will not wake up to a giant Christmas tree, a big family dinner, or a house full of loved ones on Christmas Day...
A tiny little donation can make a big difference for these families, now and any other time of year.  
Below, are just a few of the charities that are taking donations to help families and children in need have just a little bit of what the rest of us take for granted every Christmas and everyday.

'Tis the season...let's give a little bit.


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