Thursday, December 23, 2010

gifts and wishes: last but not least...

Somehow I missed yesterday...I'm not exactly sure how one actually misses an entire day but somehow in the hustle and bustle of this crazy month, I'm not even sure what happened yesterday...
(could have something to do with the night before with EB, aka: partner in crime...a marathon evening including a stop off at Saks, a fly by Rockefeller Center, a quick stop in Bendel's to play with the jewelry, followed by champagne and snacks in the Oak Room, and then finally making our way back downtown for cocktails and merry making at the James Hotel.  I'm not sure but that could have potentially--maybe--you never know--had a few amnesia inducing effects, but I digress...)

Rockefeller Center
(taken with my camera phone)

Anywho...back to the present. 
Today's last and final gift is not only a great gift but perfect for last minute shoppers.
Give the gift of a new and memorable experience...

Cloud 9 Living

I actually discovered Cloud 9 Living a couple of years ago when shopping for D...He's impossible to buy for and I'm a was kismet.  No shipping or wrapping required, your gift is ready to give immediately, and it's perfect for the person who has everything.
Cloud 9 Living offers over 1700 experiences in more than 40 cities in the US.  From race car driving lessons, spa experiences, to cooking class, there is something for everyone.
They even have fighter pilot lessons...just what I've always wanted!  (Ha! Me operating a plane is a terrifying thought...)

And speaking of planes...I'm off to the airport!  I'll catch ya in Georgia.

Ho Ho Ho!


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