Monday, December 27, 2010

scenes from the south...

I hope everyone had a very very merry!

After three action packed days of food and family in South GA (preceded by a travel day that will surely go down in the books...bloody fingers, lost luggage and all...) life is finally returning to a normal level of chaos. Well, until I have to board a plane again...

But while I am still basking in a post holiday food coma, here is a favorite shot from Christmas day.
My Grandma and Grandpa, both in their eighties, still decorate the farm house they have lived in their whole lives (from top to bottom and inside-out).  They use the same garland on the porch, wreaths on the windows and candles on the ledges that they have used since my father was a boy.
And while I am definitely not what one would call a "country girl" these days (I finally exchanged heels for flats and a dress for jeans this Thanksgiving...I only had to turn thirty to figure out that five inchers and farm land do not mix), I am in fact just a big ol' country girl!
After nearly eight years in a very big city, this simple little Christmas scene at the farm has become a welcome reminder that I have come home and back to my roots.

Grandma's and Grandpa's
Christmas 2010
Blufton, GA

Hope this past weekend was spent making memories, laughing, loving, and eating with the ones who matter most.

Happy Monday...


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