Friday, January 21, 2011

resolution recap...week 3

I am in the process of having a little dental work done.  A lot, actually.  I recently discovered that many years ago I received a series of treatments that were performed incorrectly, and now, as an adult, at the threat of health and severe dental complications, I must have everything removed and redone.
I had not planned on ever mentioning this to anyone.  It is very private and a little embarrassing. (I find that sometimes people have a tendency to associate dental problems and dental work with bad hygiene or laziness...two things with which I have never been plagued.)  It turns out, however, that it will take at least a month to correct everything, and after the first appointment, I discovered that there is no way on any planet that I will be able to ignore what is going on inside my mouth...It has somehow complicated and consumed every part of my life, including my resolution to cease all wasteful spending for a month, which is why I am starting this week's recap with this little bit of info...

Now on to a few highlights...another slow week, for which I am quite grateful.

Friday: My first dental appointment.  Ugh.  After the two and a half hour appointment, I am too woozy from anesthesia to walk to the subway, so I take a cab...a medical emergency, trust me.  And then later I am too sore and swollen to eat anything, so I head downstairs to the deli and buy ice cream.  I'm so excited that I finally have a reason to buy junk food.  The sugar and novocaine combo makes me sick...I should have gotten real food like soup or yogurt. Karma.

Saturday/Sunday:  More of the same.  I eat basically nothing over the weekend.  Finally break down and order take out. (another medical emergency...I was starving and too sick to walk.)

Tuesday:  Back to normal and running errands in the "wintry mix."  (the two worst words in the English language, by the way.)  I am standing at a street corner as a big moving truck barrels through the tiny West Village intersection, creating an eight foot street-slush tidal wave.  I am completely enveloped in street-slush.  My hair is sticking to my face, and I can feel icy water running down my neck into my jacket.  My pants are beginning to freeze to my legs; my shoes are soaked all the way through to the lining.
I want to cry.
Now, normally I would find the closest coffee shop, buy a cup of tea, freshen up in the ladies room, and regroup before resuming my task.  However, I don't know if you have heard, but I am on a spending freeze.  Therefore, I can't buy a cup of tea, which means I cannot use the ladies room...Tears are welling up in my eyes, but I have no choice.  I wipe the street sludge off my face, pick up my quivering chin, and carry on.
When I finally return home, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror...I have a Hitler-esque smudge above my upper lip, a few new "freckles" on my nose, and dirt frozen to the tips of my hair.  I can't believe I just walked all over New York like this. Explains the weird looks at the post office...


Five things I would have bought this week:

1. lulu lemon leggings.  mine are falling apart and I can't live without them.
2. a cup of tea on Tuesday.
3. a plane ticket to a warmer climate
4. a facial after Tuesday's sludge attack...or maybe a tetanus shot
5. hair color...I cannot look at my roots a minute longer


This week I learned one of the following:
a. my former dentist was actually a circus performer posing as a dentist in the witness protection program
b. bad dental work happens to good people
c. life is all of that crazy stuff swirling around us day in and day out.  We really have no choice but to keep moving along...with or without a cup of tea
d. all of the above


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