Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Have you ever had one of those days where it feels like everything is falling apart?

Literally falling apart...

Well, I had one yesterday.

On the way into the Garment District yesterday morning, my beloved Marc Jacobs purse fell apart in the subway.  The clasp fell off and the contents of my bags fell all over the subway platform.  My first thought was "Craaaap!"  Immediately followed by my second thought:  "Gross!"
All of my stuff has now touched the subway station floor.  I'm seriously considering burning all of it...Ick.

stupid buckle...grrr

Fortunately, my dear friends at Mood Fabrics were kind enough to give me a shopping bag to use as a purse for the rest of the day.  I walked around all day like a bag lady, stuffing everything I collected into my shopping bag.  I received plenty of dirty looks from cashiers when I would have to remove all of the contents from my bag, swatches and pieces of paper spilling out everywhere, in search of my wallet.  I even had my bag searched in one store.

But the worst was definitely when I was attempting to match beads to a prototype I brought along with me and the proto broke in the middle of the bead store.  I don't know how, but beads went flying in every direction...we found beads in every corner of the store.  I was immediately asked to gather my things and leave.  I was obviously up to no good.  I don't blame them....I probably looked like a maniac.

Don't worry...I will be staying at home today.



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