Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the questionnaire...

About nine and a half years ago, a scrawny brunette landed at LaGuardia Int'l Airport in the middle of a blizzard of epic proportions.  She dragged her 70 pound suitcase to the taxi stand, hopped into a cab and she was off to the 92nd Street Y, where she would live for the next several months...
The city was tough...her job was tougher.  And she was broke.  I mean really broke.  But she didn't care.  She was living her dream and she was going to be a fashion designer come hell or high water! {cue the Lavern and Shirley theme song: We're gonna make our dreams come true...Doin' it our way....}
But I digress...
It's been a long road.  Sometimes it has been unbearably tough, but in between, this city has produced moments so magical that I couldn't bear the thought of leaving.  Making amazing friends, meeting my husband, having a baby...this city really has been my oyster.  And while I found my wings in New York, my roots will always be in the South where they belong.  I am a Southern Child (or mommy, I should say now) in the City! One of the best parts about being a Southern Child in the City is meeting fellow SCitC's and sharing our stories.  Last year before pea brain took over, I started the Southern Child Questionnaire and I am very proud to announce that it is Back!

Meet my good friend and, soon to be, Southern Mom in the City, Kerri.  Kerri's adventurous, fun loving spirit told me that she was the perfect person to reopen the questionnaire.  Enjoy and be sure to drop by Kerri's blog and send her a tweet!    

Name: Kerri
a sign just outside of Kerri's apartment...
so very very NYC!

Twitter handle:  @ugakerri

Blog link:

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

A little about you:
I’ve been a resident of NYC for almost 9 years now, and I consider myself a ‘Misplaced Southerner’, not a New Yawhker. I’m an avid sports fan, specifically college football with a slight insanity for my own team -  the Georgia Bulldogs. (Go Dawgs!) I’m currently pregnant with my first child and have no idea what I’m doing. My biggest concern so far is not how to dress, feed or change this child, but that I will go into labor prematurely because I can’t control my heart rate/blood pressure during gamedays.

I moved to NYC August  2003. That day was super hot and I spent it looking at apartments. It was one week after the Blackout of 2003 so I missed the insanity by ‘that much’…

My best NYC memory is...
It’s hard to name one specific day, but I will say when I went to the Heisman Ceremony in 2008. It was so cool to be up close to so many legends. We sat behind Barry Switzer and he told my husband he had “outkicked his coverage”.

My worst...

can’t recall a specific event, but I’m sure it has something to do with cold, wind, snow or rain.

My funniest NYC memory is...

Brooklyn Brewery Beer Prom 2006. My friend Hutto and I went, he in a powder blue tuxedo and I was in a bright blue sequin and ruffled dress (matching blue eye shadow). Our friends – dressed like PE Teacher Chaperones - switched the signs for ‘spiked’ and ‘extra spiked’ punch and insanity ensued. We were later crowned Prom King & Queen, a title that still appears on my resume today.

My favorite thing to do in the city is...
Explore! Can’t beat a great walk in the sunshine…

Preferred method of transportation: my own two feet. 

What do you miss most about home?
Chick-fil-a, white cheese dip and driving

Favorite Southern saying?
y’all  please use it in a sentence :)
Please pass the grits, y’all.
(seriously, can there be a more convenient word ever created? Also, note the appropriate apostrophe location. It is a contraction of you + all = y’all. NOT ya’ll. Thankyouverymuch.)

I never leave home without
 my phone. I feel naked without my phone.  
I never cared if people walked on the left or right side of the sidewalk until I moved to New York.
This is very important. The rules of the road apply to the sidewalks of NYC. If you’re slow move over, dammit.

Favorite meal/restaurant in the city:
Sushi Lounge on St Marks & A, or the Chicken Man halal cart on 53rd & 6th

Favorite meal/restaurant at home:


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’d love to be back in the South soaking up the sunshine and football Saturdays with my family.  I’ll have at least one kid, maybe 2 by then (no minivan though, thanks!). I would like to still be working, but have a nice work-life balance; i.e. one that keeps me going mentally, yet still plenty of time to raise my kids.
J Hopefully I have traveled to either Thailand or Africa by then.

Any last advice?
1.     You need rain boots, a good umbrella and a poof coat. I don’t care how ugly they are, you need a poof coat.  {amen to that}
2.     New York can be the most crowded and yet most lonely place you’ll ever be, so surround yourself with a good group of friends and you’ll be just fine.

 One last question just for you...
You have become quite famous among your friends for your football season tweets.  Come this football season you will be a southern mom in the city like you think you will be able to keep up your Game Day tweets with a little one in your lap??? 
 I’m sure as hell going to try! I’m pretty sure my husband will be assigned ‘baby duty’ during games. J

Thanks Kerri!    
If you or anybody you know would like to take the questionnaire, add a question or just speak your mind, email me here.  Looking forward to hearing from ya'! 


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