Wednesday, July 18, 2012

a new chez pea?

Happy Wednesday everyone...we made it to the half way point again!  
I don't know about you but it has been by the skin of our teeth in this house...

We had a eventful weekend in Chez Pea that has led to the development of a new rumor on Hudson Street: Monsieur L'Pea is in the market for a new home. 

Forget about Katie and Suri!!! This is big news! Is it true??? is official.  We have officially outgrown our fantastic Soho loft--my and D's first home, our pre-P fun house full of white furniture and breakable objets d'art--and we are on the hunt for a bigger place with space for our little man to grow...safely and away from corners.  This weekend, Pea outgrew his mini crib...a day that we have known was fast approaching for some time.  On Saturday night, when he refused to be put to bed and screamed loud enough to break china at my mother's house in Georgia, we knew that fateful day had arrived.  We now have the crib parked in the living room next to the couch, and a pack 'n play in the bedroom. Just lovely... 
(as a side note: the crib was supposed to fit up to two years or thirty pounds...I guess in a way it did, as my nine month old is already wearing 24 month clothing and fast approaching the 25 pound mark. And in spite of the fact that we barely used it for two thirds of that time, I would highly recommend this bed to people with normal sized babies...You can find it here.) 
And if it that were not enough of a sign to start packing, the next day we found Sir Pea attempting to pull up on any piece of furniture he could get his hands on.  Another milestone!  Uh oh...we are running out of room and time.  
So this week we started the official process of "looking".  We are nowhere near a solution...who knows how long it will be, but I am so excited at the prospect of decorating a new place.  I have so many ideas...I can't wait!
One thing that we are hoping to find, is a place with a little cubby for me.  As my work load continues to expand and my child becomes more and more mobile, it has become increasingly more important for me to have an office that is not the kitchen table.  Just last week L'Pea found a bead, hurled his body at it before I could stop him, and then we spent the next ten minutes in a wrestling match as I tried to free said bead from what can only be described as a freakishly strong death grip.  
Ever since I left my job and starting working from home, I have dreamed of having my own little space and have been clipping ideas here and there for my someday studio.  Today I took a look at a few of the most recent ideas I have pulled and they all had one thing in common: fantastic chairs.  I am officially on the hunt for the first piece of my studio...a beautiful statement chair in a fun color or pattern to spice up an otherwise simple work room.  Below, some of my latest inspiration: 

tell me: do you have a favorite?

(1: dustjacketattic, 2&4: tumblr, 3: pinterest)

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  1. Image one. Certainly this is the perfect balance of Southern elegance, New York sophistication, and modern chic. I already imagine myself having a glass of wine, chasing Lil D around the house for pinching me and running, and laughing with the girls over fond old memories of our hay day… what a refreshing thought for the day.