Thursday, August 9, 2012

city babies: world class traveler...

If "how do you live in a one bedroom apartment?" is the first question people ask, the second is "how on earth do you travel so often with a little baby?"  I'm not gonna say it's easy but I will not say that it's impossible either.  
Monsieur l'Pea was three months old the first time he flew on a plane, and since then we have been here and there and everywhere.  And because of my dear sweet hubby's very demanding work schedule, it is often just me and the Pea.  Through a lot of trial and plenty of error, I can tell you that you need to keep it simple, pack only the essentials, and don't sweat the small stuff.  It's gonna be a long day!  
So how do I do it?  I pack one giant suitcase for the two of us that I immediately check curbside, and the stroller stays with us until we board the plane.  I stopped bringing a laptop after the first trip.  It was way too hard to keep track of it. (I left it at security twice...not nearly as upsetting as the time I left P's car seat at security and a TSA agent chased me through LaGuardia with his seat in hand.)  And I never bring a pack 'n play.  Our parents have them at their houses and most hotels have been able to accomodate us with something comprable. 
But most of all, be sure to be organized and bring exactly what you need.  Below, I have collected a few of my travel day essentials that have gotten us from the City to the South and everywhere in between...

my travelin' man...from top to bottom: East Hampton, Panama City Beach, Atlanta, Hilton Head, and California...

no1: comfy clothes.  Just as I will never be caught dead in the airport in anything velour, track suit themed or with writing across my rear, neither will my son!  Cute can be comfy...say no to white trash!  I love anything by Splendid Baby.  They are made of the softest cotton I have ever touched.  Oh...and don't forget a spare outfit or two.  (I heard the most horrific story the other day about a 3 month old who destroyed her outfit on the plane and had to fly to Miami wrapped in a blanket, naked, with completely traumatized/mortified don't want the details but just trust me.  Spare outfits: You. Need. Them!)

no2: wipes.  And I'm not talking diaper wipes...I would assume those were a given.  I'm talking about hand sanitizer, paci and toy cleaner, surface cleaner, etc.  I seriously don't know how our mothers survived without everything imaginable in wipe form.  They fit easily in the diaper bag and solve a multitude of issues.  I never leave for a trip without one of everything, and they have yet to go unused.  From wiping down airport changing stations to cleaning off a dropped teething ring for the eighteenth time, they are a must have for airports and flights.  From top to bottom: Mustela face and hand wipes, Baby Ganics The Germinator, Baby Ganics The Grime Fighter, and First Years pacifier wipes.

no3: Hudson diaper bag by Dwell.  I chose this diaper bag because nothing about it said diaper bag.  I love the clean and polished styling in my favorite color combo: navy/black.  Plus, it is big enough to carry everything one might need for a long day of travel but never interferes with a good airport outfit.  (There is also a shoulder strap included, perfect for freeing up hands... ) 

no4: Moby Wrap.  My sister gave me a Moby Wrap at my baby shower, and she swore to my very skeptical face that I would love it.  She was right...I would not have survived the early months without it.  And then when I began traveling it was even more amazing.  I would just tuck Monsieur l'Pea into the Moby wrap and tote him through the airport with free hands, and as an added bonus he always fell asleep within seconds of being wrapped in.  He loved it and usually slept peacefully for the majority of the trip...a total lifesaver.  

no5:  Orbit Baby G2 Travel System.  Last but without a doubt not the least.  I could not survive without this thing.  This space age looking contraption is a car seat and stroller in one, which means when I travel, I don't have to bring a car seat and a separate stroller to the airport and attempt to carry more than I can handle.  The seat simply locks onto the base to form the stroller and then easily breaks down with the flick of a switch.  I will admit there was a bit of a learning curve in the beginning, but now that I have mastered it, I can travel by myself without a lot of extra gear.   

I would love to hear your stories and advice!  Ever travel with a wee one?  Do you think you will one day?  Tell me about it!  


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