Wednesday, August 8, 2012

tear sheet: coral

Loving all of the beautiful shades of coral that popped up here and there for resort 2013.  A universally flattering shade, this most current coral ranges from a pinker hue all the way to a bold orangey red and touches everywhere in between.  Below, a page from my inspiration file featuring one of my favorite colors...



  1. Yes! I am LOVING this color. It is pretty much the first color trend I have ever knowingly opted into...and I am so happy that I did! :-)

  2. i would take ANY of those flocks anyday!!! -- i'm 3 day's done on BPC - have 15 including today to go - i DO miss food - i love the drinks (taste) but i didn't 'prep' my body like i was suppose to - i never heard of JBC but i'll be googlings it now!!!! ...

  3. i don't see that u have a 'google friend connect' - but i'm gonna add u to my google reader - i love ur content - hope u can 'google friend' me :o)