Thursday, February 7, 2013

here and there...

Bonjour!  (that's French for, "Hey y'all!")
So this morning some people in New York are heading to Lincoln Center as we speak for the first day of fashion shows. (I am not one of them.)  Some are on their way to work, the gym, the grocery store, their spiritual advisor, their life coach, the airport, their acupuncturist...I could go on, but the bottom line is I am not one of those people either. Why you ask...Where am I?  

Jury duty.  

They finally found me.  Apparently when you have a baby, the local government uses your hospital records to track your jury duty evading bum down.  Well, I made it ten years at least.  It was a good run.

In the meantime, enjoy some pretty things from here and there and everywhere...    

swoon worthy looks from pre-fall...both perfect for a romantic Valentine's date night

the prettiest escort cards I've ever seen...part of the prettiest wedding I've ever seen

a cherry jam heart pie pop recipe here

liquid eyeliner, strong brows and bold lips, a great look then and now...
{left: Conde Nast archive, 1959. both images via tumblr}

quirky Alice in Wonderland inspired black and white candles atop a yummy cake here
and sweet heart shaped tea bags for your sweetheart here

a paper heart sweet is that???

What are you looking at these days?  Anything I should know about???  Send me the link!


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  1. Love the new website facelift!!! Sooo Kiley B!! I also loooove the paper heart tree!! We did something very similar with shamrocks to decorate the hospital for St. Patricks day last year! :)