Monday, February 4, 2013

city babies: seeing pink...

I'm in love...

My niece is the most beautiful, perfect little thing I have seen since Monsieur l'Pea stole my heart away 16 months ago.  In spite of making her debut into the world four weeks early, she is healthy and round and perfect.  The Pea and I just returned from a week in South Carolina with the newest member of our family tree, and since the moment I laid eyes on this beautiful little girl, I have only been able to see in shades of pink.  My sister, unlike me, is not the pinkest girl on the block, so I promised her that I would stay clear of anything in the pepto range while on a mission to spoil my niece.  I have now started a collection of pink-but-not-too-pink things for my little protege that I think are perfect for pink and not-so-pink girls alike...

1. Perfect Pick Gift Set in Sparrow by DwellStudio: pink with a little neutral tones it down and the contents look great as decor until Miss Janey is ready to play
2. Barefoot Dreams Jacket and Hat set in pink: the Pea had this in blue, and it is the softest coziest thing I've ever touched...perfect for infant skin
3. Blabla Pink Birds Mobile: just sweet enough that my sis wouldn't mind having this hanging in the nursery.  I love that the entire thing is knitted by hand.  
4. Aden + Anais swaddling blankets: I've mentioned how much I love these before...they are the best swaddling blankets around.
5. Little Giraffe Satin Trim Blanky: Peanut has one of these in blue. We take it everywhere and it is starting fall apart from way too much love! (He loves it so much that somedays I think he is going to take it to college.)  And this is probably more pink that my sister wants in her house, but I don't care!  I love these little silkies--that's what Peanut's is named: Silky.  
6. Take Me Home Gift Set from Serena and Lily: Pea had this's starting to sound like I just picked the pink version of all of his stuff, isn't?  But I really do love this little layette set.  The tassels are a quirky little touch and the entire set is made from the softest cotton jersey.

Top left corner: my inspiration...Miss Janey, taken on her one week old birthday.  


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