Friday, March 29, 2013

Southern bunnies and city eggs...

After a whirlwind trip to Georgia last week, The Pea and I barely made it back to the City before we were packing our bags again. Just 36 short hours after arriving in our TriBeCa home we have already loaded into the car for our annual family Easter weekend trip to East Hampton. It's a tradition D and I started about five years ago, and it has only become more fun with the addition of Mr Peanut!
While we were in Georgia we went to visit the Easter bunny at the mall. The bunny and my little boy became fast friends, and while all of the other children were crying because they were afraid of the big shaggy bunny he was upset because he didn't want to leave his new friend!

It's little things like our visit with the Easter bunny that I sometimes miss living in this city...we don't have malls in Manhattan (and I'm not so sure I would visit them if we did. Sounds like a bad idea actually). We have worked hard to carve out new traditions for our family since we don't always have access to the same traditions that D and I grew up with. On the other hand, Easter egg hunting in the Hamptons doesn't sound so shabby, does it???  I think he will be just fine...especially with a few trips down south to balance all the city stuff.

Hopefully my little boy will always get to have a little southern bunny with his city eggs...the perfect combo :)

Have a great weekend!

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