Monday, May 27, 2013

Ciao baby...

So I'm not totally sure where the month of May went but it's apparently almost over and Memorial Day is here! Woohoo!  The winter has been long, wet and cold in NYC this year...a little more than I was prepared to handle quite frankly. Fortunately the unofficial start to summer, my favorite time of year, is finally here and the dog days of winter are far away in the horizon. Yippee skippee!  (Time to get a pedicure! It's probably also my husband's favorite time of year for that very reason...No more monkey feet! Hehe)
These past few months have been busy at Chez Pea...we are settling into our new place, working like dogs, and loving our growing boy--almost twenty months old--every second of everyday. D and I decided it was time for a break. Well, not from the loving part, of course. We literally cannot get enough of that boy. He is bestest best thing that ever happened to us...but everything else needed to be shelved for a bit. It was time for a little fun, so on Friday night Monseuir l'Pea and his parents boarded a plane to the Tuscan countryside, arriving late Saturday afternoon in Villa di Arachidi (That's Peanut's Villa Italian, it's new name for the next week). 

day one was a success! 

We plan on doing nothing but eating, drinking and soaking up the Italian sun for the next several days...and loving, of course!  Lots and lots of loving!

Have a glorious Memorial Day! May it be spent with the ones you love most! 


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