Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy Friday: playing and eating in color

Happy Friday!  Here at Chez Pea we have survived the Polar Vortex and only complained occasionally! (Like every other time we open our mouths, but I consider that to be a personal triumph.) 
After three weeks of indulging on delicious southern food and deserts (like this one from the holiday issue of Southern Living...I'm not kidding either.  I ate that...), I feel like a balloon that might pop at any minute.  A happy balloon, nonetheless, but I really don't want to pop. Who would take care of my beloved Monsieur l'Pea??? 
Now D and I are basically very healthy eaters during the week.  We cook relatively light fare Monday thru Thursday like fish or shellfish with lots of veggies and salads and some whole grains.  We aren't perfectly healthy eaters but we do our best.  But for whatever reason, this holiday season all bets were off!  I don't know if it was the stress of moving or the surprisingly cold start to winter or what, but we really enjoyed ourselves.  I mean, really enjoyed ourselves.  Everything just tasted sooo good...
On my 2014 top ten, I said good bye to carbs (#3).  No fun.  The only time I have succeeded at this idea was when I was pregnant, and that was only because the very sight of anything made from any form of flour made me sick for an entire day.  And potatoes or sugar?  I wouldn't rebound for a few.  It was a blessed curse...I was the healthiest pregnant person on the planet. Unfortunately, the day l'Pea was born I turned back into connoisseur of all things bad for you.  It was as if the clock struck midnight and I turned into a candy hoarding, cracker loving pumpkin in a matter of minutes.  
I think it's officially time to say goodbye least until gelato season.   Out with the goo and in with the green!  Time to clean it up a little bit!  
So in honor of my first week back on the horse, this week's color inspiration (playing with color was #4 the list) comes from my pantry, which is green as green can be! See what I mean...

When Pea was teething, we froze green grapes for a soothing treat on his gums.  Also a yummy treat for grownups on hot summer days...they remind me of pre-baby days poolside in Miami.  (sigh...)
I've made variations of this Tuscan Kale dish for dinner and this one for brunch...both very yummy! Just make sure you cook the kale enough.  If it's undercooked, you'll have better luck eating your kitchen table.
I keep lots of fresh herbs in the kitchen for cooking...I love their fragrance and even arrange them in small vases or mason jars until I use them.  I made herb roasted rock shrimp earlier this week (similar to this recipe) with a side of Brussels sprouts like these (without the bacon).  
I put avocados on everything.  Everything. Love them, mean it... 
My little fancy pants l'Pea loves haricot vert...he calls them crunchy green fries and gobbles them up.  (I love that he thinks lightly steamed green beans with a bit of EVOO and salt and pepper are fries...mommy wins again!)

And only because I have now seen at least a billion Instagramed images and Pinned recipes for smoothies since last week...and it matches my green theme this week...I will share my own green smoothie concoction.  I promise it's delish...I don't do the yucky-but-it's-okay-because-it's-so-good-for-you kind.  I only torture myself like that when my husband inevitably talks me into doing a juice cleanse with him annually.  (Another story for another day...) 
Ki's It's Easy Being Green Smoothie:    Blend a banana, a couple of spoonfuls of your favorite nut butter, a couple of handfuls of spinach and enough soy/almond milk to cover the other ingredients in a blender until everything is blended and smooth.  Drink with a straw and revel in the fact that you can't even taste the spinach :) Seriously, you can't.  Makes a great breakfast on the go for busy mamas...

Pretty fun playing, I mean, eating green, no?

Keep playing with your colors and have a happy Friday.  Stay warm!!!


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