Friday, January 3, 2014

happy new year...happy new list!


I hope that your holiday was filled with plenty of love and fun and food and the merriest of merriment! 

It's 2014!  Ahhhhhhh!  

That means it's time to put the cookies down and get back to work!  Seriously, I need to put the cookies down. (And good luck prying the last of these delightful confectionary treats out of my hand.  The faster I eat the little star shaped yummies, the faster they will go away.  The trashcan isn't an option in this house.) 

I always look forward to the beginning of the year.  It's a clean slate, an open road, a time when ideas and plans are abundant.  I'm not much of a formal resolution maker...that has always just seemed like an invitation for failure...but I am a crazy list maker.  I have lists upon lists upon lists at any given point in time.  (I'm not totally sure that having so many lists is really all that productive, but it makes me feel like I am.) So this year instead of not making any resolutions at all I decided to make a list...a year long master list, if you will. It consists of a few things that I'm always trying to incorporate into my routine and will hopefully improve the quality of my days in 2014.  Flowers, friends, health, sparkle...a little of this and a little of that....a balanced and happy 2014 in the form of a list.  Here's a look at my top ten for the New Year:  

1. Martha Stewart Glitter glitter ever (see Monsieur l'Pea's chunky monkey Martha glitter handprint on big are his hands?  I mean, seriously??)
2. Any good multi vitamin recommendations? Let me know! 
3. Baked by Melissa Red Velvet Cupcakes: Goodbye dear friend.  I'll miss you...
6, 8, 10:  photography by yours truly 

Happy happy New Year!  May this year be the year that all your dreams come true, that your smiles outnumber your frowns, and your days are filled only with your favorite colors.  

More to come soon...


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