Monday, January 6, 2014

holiday snapshots...

After three weeks in Georgia and an epic battle against the elements yesterday, the wee Pea and I finally landed safely in LaGuardia last night.  I added "safely" because there was a moment during our final descent--like 20 seconds before we hit the ground--last night when the fog was so thick that not a single city light was visible.  It was a little scary...  
So much has happened in the past month, it's hard to know where to start, so I'm just gonna jump right in and give a quick recap followed by a lot of pictures...they are worth far more than my jibber jabber any ol' day.   
About six or so weeks ago, D and I found out that we had to move.  Some of you may remember that we just moved into said apartment 12 short months ago.  It has literally taken this entire year to get all of our shelves and photographs hung, find the perfect rug for this room and the perfect table for that... We were finally feeling very settled, and my teeny weeny studio in the back was starting to look picture worthy.  Well, before I could even share a photo or two, we found out that our landlord had decided to sell our unit, and we found ourselves moving right in the middle of the holidays for the second year in a row.  We here at Chez Pea whole heartedly believe that everything happens for a reason, so we decided to embrace this new challenge and get moving.  Within a couple of weeks we were in our new place and unpacking boxes with Christmas music playing in the background.  Obviously, even the most perfect of moves is a bit stressful, so I decided that the Pea and I needed to head South ASAP for some pre-holiday fun.  We could just deal with the whole crazy new home thing later.  My husband is a saint and actually agreed with me when I pitched the idea of going home for three weeks and leaving the nesting for later.  I think he knew I was in need of a serious break from the insanity that New York has a tendency to become during the holidays...without moving a toddler into a new apartment in the middle of a snowstorm.    
But before we left, D, Pea and I had a little celebrating to do on our own.  We had an early Christmas Eve celebration the weekend before we left for Georgia. Somehow Santa heard about our pre-Christmas celebration and surprised us with an early visit to Chez Pea the next day!  What an amazing surprise it was!!!  I can't decide if Monsieur l'Pea or his parents were more excited by the surprise visit.  Celebrating Christmas with children is just the best.  The very very best!  I'm already excited about next year!
And then to South we were bound.  I feel so blessed that my child gets to live in NYC and take advantage of all that it offers, but the beautiful South is always waiting for him with arms wide open. We played outside, visited cousins, ate amazing food, and even found a chance to visit my grandparents' farm way down in Blufton, GA.  He--we all--had a blast.  It was exactly what we needed to reset our city-selves and get ready for a big new year...   

Santa Came Early!!!

Christmas Eve family selfies

Albany GA: puddle jumping in plaid, visiting the horse stables, New Year's Eve mischief,
 sunset on the Flint River, more mischief, dune buggy time,
nap time, wealth and luck with a side of cornbread on New Year's Day & beautiful blue skies 

A quick stop off in Atlanta: jumping on the bed in the St. Regis,
passed out on the couch after too much fun with his cousins,
best bed head ever & the St. Regis' famous gingerbread house

Down on the Farm...wide open spaces, Georgia clay, big sticks and even bigger tractors.  What more could a boy want? 


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