Wednesday, August 20, 2014

soaking up the sun...

Back in January, as the snow fell down around our apartment in New York for what felt like an eternity, life was seeming a bit sad and grey.  
Grey skies, grey snow (City snow is white for about thirty seconds)--there was lots and lots of sad grey snow--and grey people everywhere.  How on earth were we going to make it thru this depressing and oppressive season???
"We need a plan," declared the hubs.  "Something to look forward to...what would be completely awesome?"
I was barely listening as I've heard this speech before and was too deep into seasonal depression to be wowed by a pep talk not rooted in reality.  
"I've got it!" He leaves the room, returns with his iPad, and begins furiously typing but says nothing...
Still barely listening...the snow was eating away at my will to function at this point.

Well, I think you know how the rest played out.  My husband is that "something completely awesome" that we needed.  We are staying in the very house he found that very day in January.  It has been a special month filled with surprises everyday and memories that will be hard to forget.  I'm sad to see the month already winding down and reality calling me back to the City.  I tried to share a video with you last week but it never worked out, so here is a little peek at our photo album from our big East Hampton adventure.
Enjoy and let me know: where did you venture to this summer?  Send a picture and a note.  I want to see!   


We walk to Main Beach in East Hampton each morning for a little play time.

Our front porch--a first--and living among green things (even more novel than the porch)

Hither Hills, Montauk and soft shell crab at Clam Bar, my most favorite seafood stop on the East End.

Swans and boats in Sag Harbor

My love, my heart...happy memories everyday

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