Thursday, September 16, 2010

a gypsy pink lemonade party

I feel so bad...I have been trying to post pics of my new stuff all week. 
It's clearly not going well.
And blogs are boring without pictures. 
I've been using this old computer while staying with little Miss B (Her mom took the fancy pants Mac Book with her, which is totally is hers, after all.) And all it's good for is...give me a second while I think of something nice to say....still thinking....

Anywho, trying to work on the road has its challenges

 First, I look like a gypsy (except in black skinny jeans and nude heels instead of a broom skirt and that what gypsies wear?  I have no idea.) I am lugging around an old--and very dirty at this point-- black(ish) suitcase, a body bag sized duffel full of beads, fabric, string, thread, clippers, nippers, pliers, tweezers...(if it wasn't for the beads and fabric, the contents of said body bag would look like bomb making equipment), and all of the other things I have acquired over the past three and a half weeks (a hat--i love hats. buy one--books, new fabric, new jewelry, etc, etc) shoved into my purses and a couple of shopping bags. 

People stare at gypsies.  And not in the good way...   

Magdelena, resident gypsy-soothsayer
 alice and jay

Second, you have to be willing to work wherever you are and use whatever you have with you which, sadly, only makes more people believe you are a gypsy.  I have learned to find a corner whenever the opportunity presents itself and go to work. (cue: staring at the gypsy person in the corner.)  And somehow, no matter how big the body bag is, I never have everything I need like my little photo set that I built for my jewelry or a specific ribbon or leather or button...

This brings me to my third and current challenge...

As I mentioned before blogs are boring when the blogger gypsy girl doesn't upload new pictures.  I shouldn't say that I can't upload's just that I don't have my normal tools and such that produce my usual shots of the new jewelry.  Two days ago, I took 'beautiful' pictures of all of my new and wonderful things in an attempt to prove that one need not be so dependent on technology.  Well, if that had worked, the pictures would be posted by now, so I bet you can guess what they look like...


The good thing about being a gypsy is that  I am learning to ignore daily adversity (and strange stares), so  today I'm taking my lemons outside and making pink lemonade.

And I'm throwing myself a little party to celebrate all the beautiful things around me...

 complete with fresh fruit, lots of  drinks and treats and a black cat (for good luck of course).

Sometimes a girl just needs to go out on the veranda...


kick up her heels...

and play with her jewelry!

Have yourself a lemonade filled day with as many treats and goodies and luck as you can find.

ki lemonade party is dedicated to my Big Dad, who partied with me in spirit today while he continues his recovery in the hospital. 


  1. First, my dear, gypsies DO wear ruffles of linen and lace paired with the finest plastic flip flops(black, of course) but they love the "city" gypsies in their finery. Gypsies love to be stared at good or bad(remember- only dead fish swim with the current). Gypsies laugh in the face of daily adversity( all those who wander are not lost!) and last but not least ...PINK lemonade is the gypsies drink of choice! What a JOY to have a new member in our caravan and remember to invite me next time. I love you the mostest!
    Sincerely, The head gypsy of the mostly non-existent Durham gypsy clan

  2.'s so wonderful to have a gypsy aunt who wears ruffles and lace and swims against the current with me! We must throw a pink lemonade party together!!!
    Ms B saw the pics and said, "aw, COME ON, man! you threw a party without me? Why wasn't I invited?"
    love you more!
    p.s...she was dancing to "witch doctor" in the kitchen last night :)