Monday, October 4, 2010

fashion magic...

Back in my early days in the City, nothing in my closet was safe from my scissors...Always trying to capture the exactly perfect 'look' and get as much as I could out of an older style, I would transform maxis into minis, pants into shorts...I even turned an evening gown into a tunic and wore it with jeans once.  The problem was, once it was chopped, there was no going back....(heaven forbid, something needed to be evened out....a mini might accidentally become a micro on occasion.)

Finally, there are actual transformable pieces out these boots that can be short, tall or extra tall.  Completely brilliant, don't you think?

The next time you are thinking, "I wish I could take these sleeves off," or "This is really more of a cropped jacket day...sigh," (In the words of lil' Miss B) Pa-Zham!  You can!


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