Wednesday, November 24, 2010

gift and wish list...

It is officially one month until Christmas eve today, so I have decided that I will attempt to share a gift idea everyday...I make no promises but I will do my best!

And since the next few days are all about food, my first gift idea comes from Williams-Sonoma...

copper couscoussier

You are probably thinking, "What the heck is that thing???"
(I did...then again, I wouldn't know a wok if it hit me upside the head...)

It is a hand hammered copper couscoussier.
(I feel so intelligent saying that.)
This two layered pot comes from North has a steamer on top for vegetables or--you guessed it--couscous, and a stew pot on the bottom for cooking meats and vegetables in sauces and stews.  You can prepare an entire meal at once in this clever little pot.

And it looks pretty neat, too.  
A great idea for the chef who has everything.

Happy eating!


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