Sunday, November 28, 2010

gifts and wishes: how sweet...

After a long day of travel--and I mean long--I am finally back in the City.
In the spirit of my very long day, today's gift is more of a wish, I guess you could say...

I oh so wish I was in a warm bath with Laura Mercier's creme brulee honey bath at the moment...maybe a couple of candles burning, soft music in the background...soaking this very, very long day of travel away.

creme brulee honey bath

This bath formula is extra decadent (the name says it could anything with creme brulee in the name ever be bad?) and how cute is that honey dipper?  
A perfect gift for a girl who loves a little indulgence...
There is also a scrub and a lotion to match!

Doesn't it just sound delicious???

Sweet dreams.


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