Tuesday, November 30, 2010

how cute...

is my little skirt???

I just finished making it...I make these little skirts a lot.  They don't take a lot of fabric or time.  
Well...this one took a little extra time.  I cut a ten inch hole the lining when I was trimming the seam allowances--I'm not even sure how that's possible--and had to do a major patch job.   Then, I put the wrong length elastic in it...
It looked like a maxi skirt for a toddler. 


She turned out cute in the end and that's all that matters.  
Look at the little ruffle on the waist.  
I just love it.   

I am especially proud of this skirt because she only cost me $2.50!
The cotton/lurex plaid is a remnant I found in the clearance bin at the local fabric store in my hometown.  As luck would have it, all remnants were an extra 50% off the day I was shopping, and it was just the right amount to make a festive little skirt!    
I am wearing her to a little thing I have to attend in Soho tonight.  She is going to look great with boots and a cardigan...
Yay!  I love bargains!


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