Monday, November 15, 2010

I just had to...

to tell you one more time how beautiful, sweet, precious and perfect my little nephew is before I get back  to normal life...
Well, until I see him again, that is.  

(I'm sure you have learned by now that this is not the blog for people who prefer serious conversation, have never felt the urge to scream and jump around at the mere sight of cute animals, and are completely annoyed by people who talk incessantly about babies and children.  Short of me getting a lobotomy, I highly doubt that will ever change.  There.  Consider yourself warned. )

He is the most pleasant newborn I've ever met, grinning and cooing in his sleep at less than a week old.

Before I said goodbye yesterday and headed back to Georgia, I made him a little sign for the front door...
Hopefully no one will be bold enough to ring the doorbell and disturb the little boy's peaceful slumbers.

It's shiny because I laminated it :)

This past week was one of the most magical weeks I have been a part of in a long time.
I told my brother-in-law the story of when my sister (I call her Jones) was born while I sat on the hospital bed with her, just moments after my little nephew was born...I was not quite three when Jones was born, but it is strange how I have never forgotten the night my grandmother took me to the hospital, and how we skated across the icy hospital parking lot in January.  How Nanny slipped and smashed her finger in the car door while helping me out of the car.
I crawled up on the bed with my mom to get a better look at my little sis, who would later refer to me as 'duh-duh', instead of sister.  She was so tiny.  What felt like a minute later, the nurse came in to take her back to the nursery.  I panicked and started crying and screaming, "don't take my sister away from me!  Don't take her away!!!"  I had only known her for a second, but I knew that I never wanted to be without her.
I couldn't help but think about that night while I sat and watched her hold her own little baby.  How grateful I am to have my whole family.  And how all of those feelings of love, pride and gratitude that started the night she was born have only grown.

I am so proud of you baby sister!  You continue to blow me away.  You are going to be a great mom!


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