Tuesday, November 2, 2010

in love...

with my new sketchbook.

My lovey dovey D gave it to me...how well does he know me???
I just adore the Dior and Chanel inspired sketches....

I have decided to tell a story on the pages inside the journal.  I thought it might be more interesting to link my little pictures to a theme rather than just have lots of random scribbles
(I have a library of sketchbooks that are filled with doodles, and scribbles and everything else in between...)
This book is too pretty not to have a purpose.

once upon a time...

here is the very beginning...
just a little pencil sketch. (that's my little twitter bird on the clock) 
I haven't decided if I want to add color yet. 
It might take something away if I make the sketches too fancy.

We'll see...more soon :)

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