Monday, August 6, 2012

sunny southern style...

There are days when it becomes more and more apparent that after nearly ten years in New York City I am, in fact, turning into a New Yorker.  In spite of the fact that I still consider myself a Southerner in every way, somedays I find myself behaving like anything but...
Case in point:  I cannot handle the heat anymore.  New Yorkers talk about the weather constantly...well, they complain about it actually.  And I have lately found myself joining the chorus: "It's too hot."..."Oh, it's sooo humid!"..."I just can't be out in this heat!"  
Well, let me tell you something, sweetheart: the real heat is down here in the South!  The moment I stepped off that plane and the balmy August heat wrapped around me I remembered what heat was.  
Shorts and easy tops are the only way to survive the late summer sun.  Below I've collected a few looks to make it through the hot Southern heat and still look pulled together...

  • Preppy with a Twist:
  •   A citron washed silk tank pops against these pleated navy stripe shorts.  1) Mason by Michelle Mason  2) J Crew 
  • Easy Modern:
  •   I love these draped shorts.  Tuck in a clean tank for a polished look perfect for brunch or happy hour cocktails.  3) Chloe  4) T-Bags 
  • Updated retro:
  •   Channel your inner Marilyn with a pair of printed shorts and tie front blouse.  5) Equipment  6) Emma Cook
Add a pair of flats, a bracelet and a ponytail and off you go!
Tell do you beat the heat?

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  1. I love the third outfit...that's just my style. :-) It has been 110+ around here. I am so ready for Fall!!

    1. uhm...110 is intense! I wouldn't be wearing clothes!!! I love the third outfit too...all about the retro girl :)