Tuesday, June 18, 2013

beautiful, magical details...

I have to say, we have been on a roll at Chez Pea...a traveling roll, that is.  From Tuscany for over a week to NYC for just a few shorts days and then to California for another week, this month has been fabulous and full of sun, color and smiles.  I mentioned a few weeks ago that New York has been sad and rainy, so the glorious sun and beautiful landscapes from our travels were just what I needed to feel like myself again.  I am finally awake and my zombie eyes are bright and shining just like they should be.

So usually after a big trip, I write on and on and on about how amazing it was, how it was the best time ever, how cool our accommodations were, and how generally awesome every aspect of everything was.  Well, there was no exception with our time in Italy.  It was the awesomest awesome of all the awesome trips that D and I have ever taken.  Ever.  But I'm only going to share a few pictures and say a few words, as it is a memory that has filled my heart in a way that I cannot even put on paper.  It was--is--just so special to me and D because we were doing what we love: going on yet another crazy far away adventure, but this time we were doing it with our little boy.  It was our first international adventure as a family.  I will never forget watching that little peanut of mine run around in the back yard of our villa, blue sky overhead, vineyards in the distance, and nothing but the sound of his laughter filling the space around us.  It was the definition of magic.  Just magic.  The details--the colors, sounds and smell--of this magical vacation were just so beautiful.

It's hard to believe we were only in New York for a split second before we were back on a plane and heading west to California.  Now we usually don't roll this way--transcontinental flights and transatlantic flights back to back--but when you make as many City to the South flights as we do on a regular basis, what's the difference?  D had work, his mom lives out there, and we didn't want the fairy tale to end, so away we went!  (Except this time I had to take my computer and do a little work...work on our sunny patio hardly felt like work though...)  And what do you know?!  More magic!  Rancho Palos Verdes is just so sunny and colorful and happy.  I look forward to this trip every year, and it was even more fun now that my little buddy could enjoy all that the lovely Terranea Resort had to offer.  Between the sun and the sand and the pool, magic was happening before we knew it once again! 

I started noticing that I was completely surrounded by beauty for the second time in just a few short weeks...perfectly imperfect beautiful moments, like my son's eyebrows and fingernails caked with so much sand after an impromptu trip to the beach that he had to be stripped down on our patio and immediately dunked in the bath.  His smile--stretched from ear to ear--was of the heart melting variety...a smile that only a toddler discovering the world for the first time can smile.  And then there was pool time with daddy...there was splishing and splashing and crackling laughter.

Beautiful.  Magical.  Love.

And then I started thinking about what was really making those moments so beautiful...it was the little details that made these moments ours and only ours...my sons deep bellied laugh and long dark eyelashes, my husband's crooked smile that appears right before he begins making mischief (which is basically all the time), my endless photo taking (it drives D crazy but he's always to the first one to show them off)...Those details are ours.  They are beautiful and magical and special.

I made a mid year resolution this past week: I am going to live for the details.  The perfect and perfectly imperfect alike...that's where the real beauty in life resides.  Dirty fingernails, crooked smiles, sunny days...even rainy days.  Beauty is in the details.

To celebrate this idea, I invite you to tell me what is beautiful to you.  Where are your beautiful details? Share with me on instagram or twitter with hashtag #beautyinthedetails and you will be entered to win a pair of earrings made just for you at the end of the summer.

More details will follow, but in the meantime let's go live in the beautiful details of lovely life.


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